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Accessories for Xplorer Motor Homes - Click on photos to see larger image.
The PowerStream is an electric tankless water heater that can provide 1.5 gallons per minute to a low flow shower in warm climates. This unit also features thermostatic control. Powerstream instantaneous electric, point-of-use water heaters install at the sink and provide endless hot water while eliminating wasteful cold water runout. Click on photo for more info.
Ariston GL mini-tank water heaters stores 2.5 to 8 gallons of water. Ideal for sinks and showers. Connects to 1/2" NPT. Electric on demand water heater with 110v current from generator. This unit can be installed in-line with an existing hot water heater for providing hot water to a sink without having to wait for the hot water from the water heater. Temperature can be adjusted up to 145 degrees. Click on photo for more info.
PurePro 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System designed for where feed water has very low water pressure (under 45psi) like on an RV, or where the source water contains higher than normal amounts of dissolved solids. The RO101-SV uses high quality booster pump can provides 100psi water pressure to pass through the membrane even under low water pressure area. Click on photo for more info.
The DataStorm mobile internet satellite system is the first true two-way system approved by DirecWay and the FCC. Designed to automatically acquire the internet satellite in the sky, the DataStorm uses motors, gears, and a GPS system. It's unique fold-down design lets your xplorer become a stable platform for installation. The D2 controller gives the DataStorm plug-and-play capabilities with any computer. Click on photo for more info.
The Biolet Deluxe model, using BioLet’s 40% smaller ABS plastic body, features the top-of-the-line automatic-stirring system, fans, and thermostatically controlled heaters. It requires a footprint of 22" x 40" to allow the finishing tray to slide out. The Deluxe can handle three persons full-time, or five persons for intermittent vacation use. Weighs approximately 50 lb. Three-year mfr.’s warranty. Click on photo for more info.

Aqua Saver Portal

Portal Round Saw Blade

Install on Xcursion

Mold Seen From Portal
Aqua Saver - This portal allows you to gain access to the inside of your fresh water tank for periodic cleaning. Only requires a 10" x 10" surface on the side or top of the fresh water tank to install. Despite extensive rinsing, the top right photo shows how mold clings. Only manual cleaning assures removal.

GearSpace on Xcursion

GearSpace and Owners

GearSpace Closeup

On Another Xcursion
GEARSPACE™ Sport Performance Carriers - GearSpace™ 34 (34cf) or 20 (20cf) are an ideal, all-in-one enclosed solution for storing and transporting large gear that normally will not store in your Xcursion. Its aerodynamic, attractive, secure and water-tight design provides more cargo capacity than any rooftop or hitch based cargo carrier available on the market. Owners love them!
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