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Class C 28' Ford F550 Xplorer Xcursion

We are the manufacturer for this attractive and highly sought after Class C 4-wheel drive motorhome. This model is built on the Power Stroke diesel chassis features four-wheel-drive and a 74-inch-long slideout. Xplorer Xcursion coaches feature a molded fiberglass body with aluminum inner cage and urethane foam insulation; custom floor plans and applications available with various wheelbases and gross vehicle weight ratings. Specifications: CLICK HERE

Xplorer Xcursion True 6x6 Conversion

Xplorer Motor Home offers true 6X6 conversion for any make or model you might have us build. The unique gear-over system provides the lowest driveline angle, best suspension and most fabrication for your investment. Unlike tag axles that only set behind the drive differential, our system is fully functional giving you that extra power in those challanging situations. In the United States and throughtout the UK, the 6x6 is becoming very popular.
Class M2 Xplorer

Class M2 Xplorer Motor Home 3500

Using the popular Freightliner or Dodge Sprinters, we have created the Xplorer Motor Home. Fitted with a Mercedes 3.0 L CRD V6 turbo diesel & 5-speed auto transmission while maintaining an average of 22 mpg from a 26.5 gallon tank. You can expect acceleration power when needed and significant fuel cost reductions to counter the rise in fossil fuels prices. This is only the beginning of a long list of pluses for this motorhome.

Ford F550 6x6 Clinic
Ford F550 6x6 Clinic

F550 Supreme & HD Pro

GM3500 3D Camouflage

Construction of Xcursion

Carl Montoya’s Nitro

Next Million Miles

Jeff Smith Xcursion

All One Road
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